The importance of drawing up a posit...

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The importance of drawing up a positive image of the hotel in Bishkek on the Internet.

Before travel somewhere to relax, of course first of all we need to find a place of residence. But how we going to do this, if we haven’t arrived in this city yet?  Of course with help of internet, which is everywhere we go.  But how to choose a good hotel among huge quantity of suggestions.  And right at this point we start to study comments of different users, visit touristic forums and listen to other’s opinion.  Recently, general managers of Bishkek hotels have also began to work on positive image on internet too.  After all, decision of potential guest to stay in certain hotel depends on these positive recalls.

We can see guests’ reviews on or, which are now the best advisors in choosing hotel, independently if it’s in Bishkek or in another city. To get positive feedback hotel managers do huge work.  There are regular trainings with hotel staff directed to improve guest service. We also develop plans for make our rooms more comfortable. There are questionnaires that are sent to guests after their staying in hotel, in which we ask to answer some questions about service quality and satisfaction of staying in the hotel. Answers are carefully studied, after which we analyze it all on a general meeting.

Ultimately, the entire staff is included in the process of improving the image of the hotel. Since image of any hotel in Bishkek is a result of each department’s work.

 Positive feedback is some kind of portfolio on which potential guest pays attention before making his final decision. Seeing that number of hotels in Bishkek is growing every year, it becomes a kind of incentive for the hotel staff work constantly to give 100% in order to maintain the image that hotel already has.