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Modern GYM is a perfect choice for energetic physical exercises or scampering that supports your fitness-style.


Sauna and massage

Sauna and massage

In sauna and massage center you will enjoy true relaxation because of hot steam and different types of recovery massages that will take you far away from the fuss of a real world.




Enjoy your time with a delicious cup of coffee and fresh desserts or try the best foods from chief of kitchen.



  • Treadmill

    Treadmill exercises are considered as one of the most effective ways to lose calories and work out the cardio muscles.

  • Multifunctional gym

    Multifunctional gym is made to take different exercises and for working out several ground of muscles.

  • Elliptical trainer

    Perfect choice to stimulate the cardiovascular system and conduct stable cardio training

  • Dumb-bells and barbells

    They will provide effective fitness trainings, necessary tool for power-oriented exercises and building the muscle mass.

Sauna and massage in Bishkek

If you take care of your physical shape and moral well-being then Solutel fitness center is the perfect option for doing sports. During trainings you will be able to get power energy and stay in tonus. The cardio line and exercise bike help with morning exercises, give positive emotions and make the body shake. Those who desire to build perfect muscles are welcome to use dumb-bells and barbells.

Sauna and massage

  • Massage

    The beneficial effects of massage on the human body have been discovered since ancient times. It is used as a treatment of diseases as well as their prevention. The spectrum of illnesses amenable to elimination with the help of massage is quite broad.

  • Steam room

    Excellent steam room helps to sweat and withdraw toxins from the body. Steam is also useful for health because it has a therapeutic effect preventing colds and other illness acquired from supercooling.

  • Common room

    Common room is ideal place to take a break after hot steaming procedures. Enjoy your coctails and fito-teas while watching best music clips.

  • Shower cabine

    It is very convenient to have a shower cabine next to the steam room.

Sauna and a massage in the hotel in Bishkek

In our SPA you can truly relax in a hot steam and receive several kinds of massage for a full recovery, leaving the hustle and bustle of this world.


  • Delicious breakfasts

    A wide variety of fresh pastries, fruits and salads for breakfast delight guests from different countries with different tastes. Besides the covering on the buffet, guests can order various kinds of omelets, pancakes and cereals on free of charge basis.

  • Terrace

    In warm and sunny season, the terrace will make you happy with fresh air, delicious morning coffee and an excellent view of the green city Bishkek.

  • 24 hours

    Comfort and friendly atmosphere will never leave our guests. Restaurant works 24 hours as room service.

  • Fresh coffee, coctails and chief's delicious

    Tasty foods, fresh coffee, wide range of coctails and drinks are available in Solutel restaurant.

Restaurant in hotel in BIshkek

The restaurant is located on the first floor of the hotel . The elegant interior, the best snacks and deserts of international kitchen and service at the highest level will not leave indifferent any visitor of the Restaurant. The rich wine list, exquisite variations of cocktails, a variety of natural fruit and fresh juices, snacks and salads, elite varieties of tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages, not only quench your thirst , but also to transport you to a world of peace and bliss.

Sauna and massage